Porsche has just unveiled the new 911 Carrera T which is already available for pre-purchase: this new model is focused on the essential that it could be a dispossessed one.

Doors that open with straps, a rear window and side windows in lightweight glass, soundproofing trim reduced to the maximum: welcome to the world of the entry-level Porsche 911 Carrera model that the German manufacturer has launched in 1968. This new Carrera T, with a mass of 1,425 kg, loses 20 kilos against a Carrera “base” equal. This figure is not exceptional, but the lack of a spectacular gain, the spirit “diet” is there.

This new Porsche 911 Carrera will be sold starting from 124 000 USD (257 745 FJD), is it to say 11 800 USD (24500 FJD) more than the « classic » Carrera. This additional cost does not traduce more equipments but rather the removal of the back seats and the info-advertising system (radio,…)… which has been seen as a very polemical issue by Porsche’s purists.

For those who are not interested in the lower weight of the car, there are some options to make this new Carrera more pleasurable: guiding back wheels (2600 USD / 5500 FJD), electric seats with included memory (2920 USD / 6060 FJD) and ceramic brakes (10140 USD / 20040 FJD).

So Porsche has refined its entry-level 911 by releasing the superfluous to offer a Touring version lighter and more powerful than the original Carrera.

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