Hybrids into the country's entry almost five years ago had taken the market .

The cars' prevalence were evident with the number of hybrid vehicles on the road each day, and these proceeds to be the fad among the Fijian population.

Here in our small island nation, hybrid is the most successful vehicle in demand.

It is noted that about 100 hybrid vehicles are registered with Land Transport Authority on a week.

A motorist would see many advantages in using such automobile time is spent at service station, less surroundings impact on lower maintenance costs, pollution, and car is demonstrated to be fuel efficient.

A car features a small fuel-efficient gasoline engine combined.

But one needs to be mindful that the areas of vehicles are different to the vehicles we've grown up learning about and driving.

Created a requirement for our technicians and mechanics to update their knowledge and techniques which will be applicable to vehicles.

The majority of the automotive technicians and mechanics had limited knowledge on working closely on those vehicles with car dealers bringing them by ship loads. There is a sudden need to upskill the local sector.

NTPC training courses on hybrid vehicles

The National Training & Productivity Centre started supplying training.

Our guide programme trainer received instruction on vehicles after which, a set of talks were led on facilitating training for auto mechanics and technicians.

A training package on Basic Knowledge on Hybrid Cars has been prepared, which consisted of Trainer Guide, Assessment Guide and a Leaners Guide for training participants.

Was attended by technicians in William and Gosling Group, Carpenters Motors, Niranjan Auto, and Land Transport Authority. In the automotive industry and our regulatory body we've trained more than 80 participants By 2016 to date.

Our participants range from motorists and vehicle owners, fleet officers, technical officers, crisis responders, sales and operations representatives, and anybody considering equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills.

The expanding number of participants attending this training programme indicates the need from the sector for technicians who can follow work procedure in managing maintenance and servicing needs on vehicles.

Invest from the Hybrid training

In the same way as every other appliance we use, we must comprehend the dos and don'ts of a hybrid vehicle to ensure it is safe to be used.

For vehicles, this can be achieved through appropriate training.

Hybrid electric vehicles utilizes high-voltage (HV) circuits that should touched with an unprotected hands can cause serious burns/injuries or even death.

Consumers are moving towards purchasing hybrid and electric vehicles due to less gas consumption and less environmental contamination.

That is what NTPC is currently working towards- to make sure our automotive technicians are trained and up to date with the most recent technical and technological abilities trend.

Over the last three decades there were reports of cars catching fire or exploding.

What the public needs to remember that these vehicles are outfitted with a HV battery and a system.

Most of the hybrid automobiles running on our roads are hybrid, which means the car is run by the voltage supplied from the battery and the generator.

Due to high voltage creation amount of heat is produced. And if the car's cooling system is currently malfunctioning, this may cause fire.

Modifications to the electric systems could be the cause of fire since the electric system wirings are designed to pass certain quantity of electricity and if the circuits are filled because of modification sparks will happen.

Precautions should be taken when hybrid system shows faults or the fault check lamp is ON to prevent fire.

In this case it is recommended for fix - which your vehicles are taken by you and do not permit any alteration to systems.

Training that meets industry demands

NTPC is outfitted with the training packages in which an automobile Electrician will be convinced to operate on any hybrid vehicles.

We also tailor make training packages to package coaching needs.

Meanwhile, an insight into what's covered during the training are:

- Working high voltages as well as the amounts that are deemed dangerous.

It has to be presumed that service employees aren't aware of the potential dangers of working with high voltage DC and AC power.

- Wearing protective gloves, forms and proper usage.

When high voltage is very likely to be present, rubber linesman's gloves are suggested to be used.

They should be rated for at least 1000 volts.

- Use of vehicle scan tool to monitor live high voltage readings.

This ensures that a voltage interface is between the voltage and the car technician.

Producer's precautions have to be observed.

- Training on vehicle shut down processes. Correct is needed since the high voltage system will be turned off by this.
- Repairs and maintenance can be carried out safely.

Vehicles that have not been shut down can possess the internal combustion engine begin suddenly.

This may seriously harm the repairer who may have their hands at the engine bay.

Why should you undertake training?

This training programme is not only restricted to mechanics and technicians.

There's been a notable increase of interest exhibited by the general public including owners and drivers towards NTPC trainings to gain an comprehension of the machine they are currently using.

It is always best to expand our knowledge. For instance, the first responders in a street accident involving vehicles must know what security measures they need to undertake.

It is important they understand what to do if an accident is met by hybrid automobiles and what not to do.

Additionally drivers need to know what to perform met with an accident.

It must be taken that vehicles take the public and high voltage must be trained on its safety aspect.

If you are not aware of the systematics of a hybrid , it is best you not take out any servicing or repair works, as it might cause injuries. Upgrade your abilities to coordinate with the technology that has sweeps our marketplace today.

This will equip you with all the confidence and abilities needed to work around a hybrid.