Who has not found himself behind a cloud of black smoke that precedes us in our roads? Smoke emissions are a major problem in large cities, and this is becoming an impasse for Fiji. It is good to know that all motor vehicles emit smoke; however, the color sometimes determines the degree of pollution.

A problem to be taken seriously

Several countries are beginning to take this phenomenon seriously and the Fiji is not behind. Smoke emissions slowly kill and cause many traffic accidents. The fumes appear very often in the early evening or in the morning in the form of a bluish haze present around the junctions. This creates a kind of fog that reduces vision.

The causes of smoke emissions

The emission of smoke is usually caused by factors related to the maintenance of the vehicle and its operation. We have things such as:

  • traffic conditions
  • fuel quality
  • dirty engines
  • fuels
  • engine maintenance
  • low-speed driving, etc …

Smoke in relation to technical inspection

After the introduction of a new vehicle and every two years, the technical inspection is there to ensure the safety of a vehicle and the absence of excessive pollution. During this monitoring, emissions of air pollutants must be below the thresholds set by the anti-pollution standards in Fiji. Otherwise, you must crosscheck the vehicle to be authorized or not to operate on public roads.

Engines that are not well maintained will probably have poor combustion with intensive smoke generation. Everyone should be aware of this danger and have the right behavior that will reduce pollution.