Before selling your car in Fiji, check the heating system. The heating system of a modern automobile fulfills two main functions: the heating of the passenger compartment itself and the demisting of the windows. These organs, which are becoming increasingly complex, may be subject to many types of failures that are not always easy to remedy. Especially if you’ve never done this kind of work.

Parts of a heating system

A modern heating has three main parts:

  • A radiator where hot water flows from the engine cooling circuit
  • An electric fan intended to pulse the hot air thus obtained towards the various heating vents of the passenger compartment.
  • This hot air is distributed by a whole network of pipes very light but also very fragile …

Repair heating before selling your car in Fiji

Before selling your car in Fiji, malfunctions in hot water heating often result from the poor condition of the hoses. To remove them, simply remove their clamps. In the slightest doubt, especially if the rubber cracked in places, do not hesitate to replace one or more of these hoses with new ones.

When reassembling, replace the clamps that may cause a leak. You will have to assemble stainless collars that will last much longer.

In case of air pockets in the circuit

If there are air pockets in the heating circuit when selling your car in Fiji, and if the heating radiator is equipped with a bleed screw, simply unscrew it and let the water flow to allow the air bubbles to escape. Because of its design, the heating is therefore dependent on the cooling circuit of the engine, which must operate correctly, that is to say to work at a constant temperature.

Some used cars that you find in, do not have a blower; the airflow is then dependent on the speed of the car. The opening of an external hatch regulates the airflow which is channeled towards the heating radiator and then towards the interior of the car. It is obvious that this type of installation is not very effective when traveling in town.