The fog lights when buying a car in Fiji, improve the visibility of the driver in the event of fog, snowfall or heavy rain. The old vehicles (before 1993) were equipped with yellow fog lights; today the fog lights are white. Is yellow lighting more effective in times of fog?

Using the front fog lamp

A double use:

  • Day use: In case of heavy rain, fog or snowfall, they can be used to complete or replace the headlights.
  • Use at night: Outside built-up areas, on narrow and winding roads they can complete the high beams.

What does the Highway Code say?

In the event of fog, snowfall or heavy rain, the front fog lamps may replace or complete the headlights. They may supplement main-beam headlamps outside built-up areas on narrow and winding roads, except in cases where, in order not to dazzle other users, the dipped-beam headlamps shall replace the main-beam headlamps. The rear fog lights can only be used in case of fog or snowfall.

Efficiency of yellow fog lights when buying a vehicle in Fiji

When purchasing a vehicle in Fiji, it should be noted that yellow fog lights are more efficient than their current counterparts with white lighting. With a superior illumination performance thanks to yellow light, in fact this yellow color behaves differently in the mist (droplets of water suspended in the air) in the reflection and the diffraction of the light.

The visibility of the driver is thus superior by contrasts and improved reliefs of the roadway and the road environment. Turn on the front fog lamps and adjust them so that the light beam does not exceed the reference mark on the wall. Visit (Fiji) for the purchase of your vehicle.